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January 4


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:Grimlore contest: Cash and art prizes to be won!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 4, 2014, 10:51 AM
:new: There seem to be some problems, I realise some entries are not added to the list!! Aaa if anyone entries are not in the list (aka favourite folder) please contact me! Now I'll be going through a thorough check on the entries!

 Added a consolation prize! Anyway, I apologise for not replying to comments/notes because I had a busy time at school and stuffs, I'll reply to everyone soon!! :heart:
Contest is finally close!!! I will not accept anymore entries, for those who have submitted, but submitted after the deadline, I'll just add into the list, right now everything is quite messy but I think it's okay to put those into the lists!! TOTAL 50 ENTRIES!

Anyway thank you so much everyone for taking part!! *w* The announcement will be made on 19th May Monday!

Added an additional mini prize for first and second prize~!

*Note: Grimlore name is pronounced as " Grim-Law ", if you don't know understand. ; w ;
Many people often mispronounced his name... orz

My fourth time holding up a contest! :iconlazyshyplz:

This time! It's to draw my oc Grimlore!

[C] For PencilCrown by PrinceOfRedroses

:bulletwhite:Name: Grimlore D.Graven (or Grimmy- LOLOLO)
:bulletwhite:Age: 600+
:bulletwhite:Height & Weight: 5'5/1.66cm | 49kg
:bulletwhite:Hair colour: Silver Blonde / Pale white blonde
:bulletwhite:Eyes: Night purple bluish

Some things to take note*
:bulletwhite:Grimlore wears heel boots because of his height-
:bulletwhite:Has slightly pointed ears
:bulletwhite:Grimlore wears a pair of Cross earrings.
:bulletwhite:Because of his appearance, most people mistook him as a woman or a androgynous man.

*:bulletwhite: Grimlore has an interest towards bats and holy crosses

Born in 1408, a half-blood was descended to earth.
Grimlore was raised in a church since young, ever since his parents abandoned him.
Grimlore is a half vampire and demon, a beautiful devil he was, however was deadly wanted during the medieval age.
He is a special type of vampire that won’t be effected by the Holy Cross as he was ritualised by the Priest of the Church.
Rumors says that Grimlore had a lover named Eleanor, who was transformed into a vampire by him, they both fell in love and had a lovely child, unfortunately his wife and child were murdered by the angry villagers. Grimlore’s real form was shown during the villagers assassination, as he brutally kils everyone.
Ever since the death of his family, he often goes to the graveyard until the break of dawn.

:new:*Spoilers 2.2.14

Grimlore's fiancee, Eleanor, was despised by many villagers (Because she fell in love with a demon) after their relationship was exposed,
When she was pregnant with his child, unfortunately lost the child by angry villagers, in extreme anger, Grimlore killed the people who harmed her, sadly,
she couldn't give birth to another child again, that led her to depression.
The villagers, enraged by the death of their fellow men, decides to murder the lovers the following day, and it was their anniversary.
The next day, Grimlore left the house sneakily, to buy his dear a special gift, however, caught off guard, she was murdered in the mansion and thrown off a cliff.
When he went back to the mansion, she was missing, Grimlore panicked, and because he knows her scent, he ran towards to place where she would be, after reaching the destination, he watches his lover fell down the cliff, in deep anger, with a slash on both men, they died instantly, after that, he quickly followed after her and jumped from the cliff, they both sunk in the sea but Grimlore managed to save both of themselves, unfortunately, she was dead and he weeps heavily.
He love her so much, he couldn't take the pain of losing both her and their lost child, and decided to bring her back to life by making her a vampire.
After the incident, Grimlore killed the entire village in wrath.

Eleanor wasn't the same anymore, ever since the lost of her child, she became emotionless, thus leaving Grimlore worrying, however, he manages to shower her with love every single day, Eleanor couldn't take the pressure anymore and committed suicide, leaving a note behind and not letting him know her whereabouts.

It was said, she shot herself in the heart and fell down a cliff with sea below, drowning herself to death, Grimlore searched high and low for her, but her body was lost forever.

*After the final death of Eleanor, Grimlore tried committing suicide many times, however fails because he was immortal.

You can read his story here ->… ( ;´Д`)

Original character: Grimlore.D.Graven by PencilCrown

There will be three judges, :iconpencilcrown: (me) , :iconrealmspirit: and 佐々木瞳 from Pixiv!

75USD cash or 6000:points: from PencilCrown
600:points: from Qiirin
Digital half body from PencilCrown
Food Munching Page doll from PencilCrown
Full body with simple background from CrispyGray
Half body from PinkClaire-san
Full body lineart w/ shading from Kkboombox
Full body from RealmSpirit
Llama from RealmSpirit
Full body from 佐々木瞳 from Pixiv (I will contact the artist for you)
Surprise request from draemt
Artwork will be showcase on the main dA page for a month.

30USD cash or 2400:points: from PencilCrown
300:points: from Qiirin
Coloured chibi sketch from PencilCrown
Chibi from PinkClaire-san
llama from PinkClaire-san
Full body lineart w/ shading from Kkboombox
Coloured portrait from RealmSpirit
Llama from RealmSpirit
Surprise request from draemt
Artwork will be showcase on the main dA page for a month.

15USD cash or 1200:points: from PencilCrown
100:points: from Qiirin
Chibi sketch from PencilCrown
llama from PinkClaire-san
Full body lineart w/ shading from Kkboombox
Simple chibi coloured from RealmSpirit
Llama from RealmSpirit
Surprise request from draemt
Artwork will be showcase on the main dA page for a month.

Consolations! aka fourth winner :new:
The most favourite illustration will be on PencilCrown's Facebook cover for a month!
And a chibi sketch!~ 

The contest rules are

:bulletblack: You can only draw the respectful character.

:bulletblack: You can draw the character in your own desired clothing design (but it's best if you don't make the character ooc)

:bulletblack: You can submit up to 2 entries!

:bulletblack: When submitted an entry, please note/notify me and then I'll update this journal with your entry.

:bulletblack: sketches and lineart are disqualified.

:new::bulletblacK: Every five new entries will be posted PencilCrown's Facebook page!

:new::bulletblack: Please note, when joining this contest, all artworks will be show-case on more than one public platform, if artist do not wish for their artwork to be showcase, please private message or email me. :)

I might add more stuffs into the prizes (If anyone wants to donate, thank you so much! ; o ; ) I might cancel contest if the entries are less than 10.

DEADLINE 16th OF MAY 2014 1AM SGT| Annoucement will be made on 18th of May! (That includes dA and Facebook) :D (So you'll have lots of time to work on the entry!) :iconlazydanceplz:

Do help me to spread the word! Thank you so much!! xoxo


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antelope1220 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, i mistaken 18th may for the deadline, my bad, anyway, i have finished the work because i love your character Grimlore very much, hope you like it~…
MuffinSaga Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Wait, singapore time?? you guys are a DAY ahead! Come on, that's not right technically we're not late since it is the 16th today here! XD
MuffinSaga Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank goodnesssigh 
MuffinSaga Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Wait was mine declined?? The deadline said at 1am on the 16th and I submitted it well before then! ;-;
PencilCrown Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Really? Sorry I didn't notice!! Your entry has been updated in the list! :iconlazycryplz:
MuffinSaga Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, alright! thank you! *sigh of relief* almost had a heart attack! XDDD
PencilCrown Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
There is quite a lot of mess right now! u@ It's no wonder I get confuse with some of the entries, anyway much apologies!! <3
MuffinSaga Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No problem at all, I can only imagine how flustered you are right now! XD
Good luck on all the judging/replies I know that's quite stressful--
especially since you managed to get so many wonderful contestants, that's amazing!
Thank you for rechecking despite all this mess, hope it's easy sailing soon! ^-^,,
Static-Foil Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wha. .wha. . .. . declined?!?!??! But . .I DONT CARE

*still draws him knowing the entry will be declined. . .because she can eve *heheheh*
PencilCrown Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Aw thank you so much ! ;~:
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