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March 7, 2013
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Secret Garden :description update: by PencilCrown Secret Garden :description update: by PencilCrown
Edit 24.4.14

I decided to write out the story behind this illustration and I'll be telling the real story of how the lovers met.  I'm currently working on the male design (Which happens to be my revamped oc) :D

I'll start writing the story after April 2014 ends (Which hopefully I'll get free time from school works) Maybe you'll get to see more illustration of them in the future (laughs)


edit 8.2.14


I was quite surprised and it was unexpected!! I was checking my messages and wondering why it is flooding lol

Thank you so much dear eindraa for suggesting and featured by Gwendolyn12 )^p^)/
Have a nice day everyone~!

For now, comments will be disabled because I can't reply to all //jaskl-

Feels like I'm somehow dead on dA. ffff ;_____;
I was actually doing school works and personal projects, that's why I'm having a busy schedule..

This was drawn for a school contest, I did not won but I was glad I created this story! :XD:
took me a week! D'X It was hard doing this since I had to draw out of my comfort zone orz
To be honest, it was tiring because after reaching home at 7pm every day, I had to rush to the computer to work on this piece till 2/3am. (laughs)

//pardon my poor grammar if I have any!

Story: A woman and a man were lovers, however she was a princess and he was a lieutenant, they are not able to show any love affection towards each other in public because of their statuses. So, they promised to meet secretly in the garden of
清漪園 Qīngyī Yuán  (Garden of Clear Ripples) every Summer.
One day, something bad happened to the male lover during the birth of Summer, leaving his poor female lover, waiting in the garden, tragic things happened, the female lover waited too long and was abducted and brutally murdered by a bunch of bandits, and they never met each other ever again.

Inspired by the song Ha Hui - Bury Flower

Daily Deviation

Given 2014-02-08
The suggester states: "There's something about Secret Garden by PencilCrown that reminds me on how spring is just around the corner. It's really calming, relaxing, and very beautiful!" ( Suggested by eindraa and Featured by Gwendolyn12 )
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